A selection of articles and web stories on AMS-02


3 Apr 2013, Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer zeroes in on dark matter, BBC News

18 Feb 2013, Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to release first results, BBC News

25 Jul 2012, Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer claims huge cosmic ray haul, BBC News

25 Oct 2011, Ecco come andiamo a caccia di antistelle, Wired Italia (in Italian)

7 Oct 2011, Mission control CERN: Inside the AMS-02 command center, Symmetry Breaking

Sep 2011, AMS – A Magnetic Detector Hunting for Particles, DLR (pag.12)

29 Apr 2011, Ecco AMS-02, per cercare la materia oscura, La Stampa (in Italian)

28 Apr 2011 L’Italia torna in orbita con Roberto Vittori, Il Corriere della Sera (in Italian)

28 Apr 2011 Lo Shuttle va in pensione. Gli Usa di nuovo a testa in su, La Repubblica (in Italian)

27 Apr 2011 L’esperimento AMS alla ricerca di antimateria, materia oscura e strana, l’Unità (in Italian)

26 Apr 2011 Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to go on Endeavour Shuttle, BBC News

25 Apr 2011 The Space Station’s Crown Jewel, Scientific American

24 Apr 2011 Shuttle Endeavour payload may unlock universe’s mysteries, Orlando Sentinel

22 Apr 2011 Searching the Universe for weird stuff, Q Space Blog

22 Apr 2011 Controversy Follows Pricey Space Station…, Science (subscription required)

13 Apr 2011 Catcher in the sky: The search for mystery matter, Nature (subscription required)

10 Apr 2011 Samuel Ting’s Space Odissey, Boston Globe

5 Apr 2011 A caccia di antistelle e antigalassie, Media INAF (in Italian)

1 Mar 2011 AMS: alla ricerca dell’altra materia, Le Scienze (in Italian)

27 Aug 2011 How the ‘LHC in space’ lost its British ‘engine’, BBC, Spaceman Blog

17 Nov 2010 A Costly Quest for the Dark Heart of the Cosmos, New York Times