April 15th, 2011

With the concerns about an U.S. government shutdown removed, the flow at the launch pad is now proceeding as scheduled for a 29th April launch. All the operations are now focused to the launch countdown preparations.

Last Friday, the AMS-02 off line test was completed and the experiment powered off: it should not be powered up again until 2.30 hours after the liftoff, when the power will be activated to operate the experiment thermal control system during the orbital approach to ISS.

On Monday 12th, all the AMS paperwork was officially closed; the next day, one of its laptop on the ISS was set up.


Here are the next steps:

19th April Flight Readiness Review, followed by a news conference
25th April Star tracker cover removal
25th April Payload contamination inspection walk down
26th April Payload bay door closed
29th April STS-134 launch at 3:47 pm EDT


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