March 13th, 2011

Shuttle Endeavour stands at Pad39A. Credit: NASA

While Shuttle Endeavour is at the launch pad waiting for her payloads, the AMS-02 flow schedule we reported in a previous post underwent some changes.

First of all, the experiment loading into the canister is now scheduled for March 15th.
Here is an updated and more detailed version of the AMS-02 flow schedule, where we added also the incoming media event that will take place on March 24th, a news briefing about shuttle Endeavour’s STS-134 mission with a 12:30 p.m. session especially dedicated to Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer.

March 14th Move AMS-02 cadre to Houston – JSC
March 15th Move AMS-02 into the canister at SSPF
March 16th Close canister doors
March 17th Move canister to CRF (Canister Rotation Facility)
March 18th
Canister rotation to vertical
March 21st AMS-02 in the canister to the pad
March 21st Lift canister into PCR (Payload Change-out Room)
March 22nd Install AMS-02 into the PGHM (Payload Ground Handling Mechanism)
March 24th NASA media event at Houston – JSC: news briefings about STS-134 mission
March 25th Install AMS-02 in the PLB (Payload Bay)
March 28th – 30th Shuttle IVT test to verify the payload functionality and shuttle interface
March 31st – April 1st
Terminal countdown demonstration test (TCDT) and pre-launching training
April 6th STS and end to end test
April 7th
ULF-6 Flight Readiness Review
April 7th – 11th Final detector check out
April 25th Star tracker cover removal and payload contamination inspection walk down
April 26th PLB Doors are closed for flight
April 29th At 3:47 pm EDT STS-134 launch (launch window till May 4th)

As the launch date gets closer, other changes are possibile: to be updated, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.