February 3rd, 2011

AMS-02 started 2011 with a lot of testing: the first one was the power quality test, successfully completed, as well as the interface test. From January 17th to 21th, the ISS end-to-end DAQ test was performed, operating the spectrometer powered on from JSC Houston with 3 shifts per day. Finally the experiment was switched off followed by the final details of integration: all the MLI are being checked and the STS-134 mission patch has been added. A lot of technical meetings are going on. On Monday January 31st we had the Collaboration Technical Interchange Meeting at JSC.

Monitors ready at JSC-Houston for the end to end simulation.

During the remaining weeks till April the 19th at 7:48 p.m. EDT, AMS-02 has some scheduled “appointments” as follows:

WHEN (Updated at March 13th) WHAT
January 31st – February 4th Software Review meeting
February 7th – 28th Simulations of the flight operations and test in the flight spare
February 24th STS-133 launch (launch window till March 6th)
February 28th Endeavour rollover (from OPF to VAB)
March 1st – 15th Last tests and all softwares check with AMS-02 powered on
March 10th Endeavour rollout (from VAB to PAD)
March 15th AMS-02 move into the canister at SSPF
March 18th
Canister rotation to vertical
March 21st AMS-02 in the canister move to the pad
March 21st Lift canister into PCR (payload change-out room)
March 22nd Install AMS-02 in the PLB (payload bay)
March 28th – 30th Shuttle IVT test to verify the payload functionality and shuttle interface
March 31st – April 1st
Terminal countdown demonstration test (TCDT) and pre-launching training
April 6th STS test and end to end test
April 7th – 11th Final detector check out
April 19th At 7:48 pm EDT STS-134 launch (launch window till May 2nd)

Before March 15th, when AMS-02 will be moved into the canister, the activities will still be performed on the High Bay: 3 to 4 internal simulations plus few additional simulations with HOSC (Marshall); a launch count down simulation, the final torque to the Power Distribution System (PDS) bolts; removal of the TRD external gas supply and final weight measurement. After that, all the remaining activities will be performed at the launch pad.