October 4th, 2010

A few days ago, on September 30th, the experiment was transported to the Express Logistics Carrier (ELC) Rotation Stand where we’re going to verify all the mechanical and electrical connections between the Shuttle and the ISS. Integration activities were devoted to the installation of the interface panel for the Extra Vehicular Activities’ (EVA) cables and to their routing. The Umbilical Mechanism Assembly (UMA) cables that will feed AMS from the ISS were added, as well as the shields that will protect the experiment from debris and small meteorites.

The UMA mounted to the EVA connector panel.

A lot of additional software tests are foreseen: simulations of how things will work when AMS will be installed on the ISS, simulations of possible failures in order to check the corresponding procedures. But also verification of physical parameters: for example, last week we verified that the TRD had no pressure loss and consequently we can close the corresponding valves. The detector teams are very busy, collecting a large amount of cosmic ray data which will be used for calibration.

In the meanwhile, as you can see in the pictures below, the Endeavour’s processing flow for the STS-134 mission is proceeding smoothly in the OPF-2 (Orbiter Processing Facility).