August 17th, 2010

After integration has been completed AMS-02 has been transported to the CERN test beam to undergo systematic calibration using high energy protons, positrons, electrons and pions. The CERN accelerator is able to provide particles and antiparticles up to 400 GeV/c2 of energy. These particles are used to align the various parts of the tracking system to microns level accuracy and to test the particle identification capability of the experiment. Literally thousands of different test beam incident angles and positions have been selected to align the geometry and measure the response of the detectors, collecting hundreds of million of particles which will be later analyzed to define the calibration constants of the experiment, that are all the numerical parameters needed to have accurate expressed values from different instruments.

These will be the last high energy particles AMS-02 will see at CERN, before embarking for its trip to space.

The AMS-02 experiment in the temperature controlled tent during the last test beam at CERN.