August 22nd, 2010

By midnight, august 20, the extensive AMS-02 test beam calibration has been completed. At 9 am on the following day the experiment has been extracted from the test beam area and transported into the structure which will host it while traveling to KSC. The scientists are now busy analyzing the data collected, in particular to accurately perform the alignment of the tracker planes; the results confirm that with the new tracker and magnet configuration the experiment exhibits almost identical measuring accuracy. On Monday, August 23, a special transport will leave CERN to reach the Geneva Airport premises, where about 50 tons of hardware accompanying the AMS-02 detector will be stored ready for loading on the C5 on early morning of Wednesday, August 25. During the last week NASA personnel has listed and checked more than 2500 items traveling with AMS to KSC.

The AMS-02 experiment during the transportation from the test beam area to the structure which will carry it to KSC.