July 21st, 2010

The permanent magnet catched the first particle. A muon passed through its magnetic field and crossed all AMS-02 tracker planes. Cosmic-rays data collection has started!
The re-integration of the AMS-02 spectrometer is going ahead and is nearly complete. Meanwhile all the subsystems are again operational and the first cosmic rays are detected and recorded by the data acquisition.
The reconfigured Silicon Tracker with its nine planes works well: in this computer reconstructed image you can see one of the first muons traversing the entire spectrometer and leaving detectable signals in the detector planes which allow the track to be reconstructed.
In the next 15 days the detector will undergo extensive tests and final integration of the thermal blankets before being exposed at CERN to a beam of high energy particles for the final calibration.
Then it will fly to Florida, transported on a C5 of the US Air Force leaving from the Geneva airport with destination the KSC Shuttle landing strip.