May 19th, 2012
One year ago AMS-02 began the data taking operations from the ISS.
After travelling four days in the Endeavour’s cargo bay, it was installed on the S3 truss payload attach site.

Since this moment, events collection never stopped, monitored and controlled continuously by the AMS-02 Collaboration from POCC at CERN, the first knot of the data processing chain.
One year after AMS-02 registered 17 billions cosmic ray event, smoothly operating in space under extreme thermal conditions. These events have been used to carefully calibrate the particle detectors in order to fully exploit their sensitivity to search for the most rare events. During this period AMS  directly measured high energy cosmic rays from space: for the first time electrons of energy exceeding 1 TeV and positrons with energies exceeding 200 GeV have been recorderd before entering the atmosphere.

Examples of high energy ions are shown in the next image: one can appreciate how clean these events are.

Happy birthday, AMS-02!