October 18th, 2010

Integration and testing on AMS-02 is going on according the schedule: finalization of Multi Layer Insulation Blankets, check of  TRD cables and almost continuous data taking in order to thoroughly test DAQ software.

On Monday October 11th we had a Collaboration meeting devoted to software and data analysis: AMS members came from all over the world to discuss reconstruction and simulation software as well as the results of test beam data analysis. Recent integration activities were devoted to the alignment of the External Berthing Camera System (EBCS) cameras that will help astronauts to control the mechanical arm during the installation of the experiment on the ISS.
Not only work, however! Shooting of Transformers 3 scenes is taking place on the SSPF High Bay, a few meters away from AMS-02. We had the chance to see the leading actor Shia LaBeouf at work.
Some news from the Shuttle corner: all the attention is now focused on the Discovery, that will be launched November, the 1st. The astronaut’s crew came to KSC from Houston – JSC for the Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test (TCDT) during which they performed launch countdown simulation and dress rehearsal. Meanwhile “our” Endeavour is about to begin the main engines steering system testing, while STS-134 astronauts are training, training and training.