June 14th, 2010

The reintegration of each subdetector on the AMS  experiment – now in the permanent magnet configuration – must follow a precise sequence. First come the TTCS tubing, then the ACC, the Tracker, the  TAS, the Star Tracker, the  TRD with the  UTOF … and the sequence  goes on with the  TRDGAS, the  LUSS and  the TCS main radiators. In the meantime the Multy Layer Insulation (MLI), that will cover the entire experiment,  is being integrated separately.

From left to right: details from TTCS tubing, ACC, Tracker, TAS, Star Tracker, TRD + UTOF, TRDGAS and LUSS.

There are various reasons for this sequence: first of all is necessary to avoid  mechanical interferences and allow  for all  certified  welding operations. When a subsystem is ready  it gets immediately in line for the integration!