April 9th, 2010

The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer Team welcomes you to the AMS-02 website.


We are an international group of scientists, from 16 countries and 3 continents: you can find us in the Who’s who page.
We have been working together since 15 years at one of the most complex scientific instruments ever built to be operated in space.

One hundred years after the discovery of Victor Hess of an energetic radiation coming from the depth of space, the “cosmic rays”, AMS-02 will study its composition with an accuracy never obtained before, close to 1 part in 10 billions and up to an energy equivalent to thousands of times the mass of the proton. Operating on the International Space Station (ISS) for more than 10 years, starting in 2010, the goals of this experiment are to search for ultra rare or new types of matter, to extend by orders of magnitude the sensitivity to the existence of nuclear antimatter as well to understand the origin of dark matter, the dominating but mysterious form of matter in our universe.

AMS0-02 is a state-of-the-art experiment pursuing ambitious scientific goals. However, it is also the unique story of 15 years of effort of more than 600 scientists and engineers, from senior professors to undergraduate students, coming from 56 institutes from 16 nations distributed on 3 continents.

These pages would like to present to the general public both sides of the AMS-02 project, the science and the people. Here you’ll find updated information on the work in progress, up to the launch of AMS-02 and its following observations from space. In the immersive images section you’ll find yourself literally inside the clean rooms and the testing facilities where AMS-02 is being prepared for its undertaking. You could even fly with AMS-02 from Geneva to Kennedy Space Center (Florida) onboard the Air Force C-5M Super Galaxy aircraft. Other pages will help you to know more in depth the instrument and its scientific goals. Also, if you would like to hear from us in your mailbox, you can subscribe to our newsletter. So, we invite you to visit often these pages and to join us in this scientific adventure.


The AMS-02 Team