April 14th, 2010

On April 16th 2010, the AMS Collaboration will hold a Technical Interchange Meeting (TIM) at ESTEC. AMS TIMs are regularly held three to four times a year since 1995: this TIMs will be the last one in Europe before transferring the payload to KSC for final integration on the Shuttle. TIMs are regularly attended by NASA representatives: this time the NASA delegation will be leaded by the NASA Associate Administrator for Space Operations Missions, W. Gerstenmeier. The main purpose of this TIM  will be to review the results of the tests performed on the AMS payload at ESTEC in the Large Space Simulator and Anechoic Chamber in view of the forthcoming schedule of the experiment and in view of the recent decision of the ISS contributing agencies to operate the ISS until at least 2020 with the possibility to extend until 2028.