READY FOR EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) TESTS

February 28th, 2010

After little more than a week of preparation the AMS-02 spectrometer has been installed in the EMC test chamber at ESTEC.

The walls of this test chamber are completely covered by piramids of a radiation absorbing material (the bluish color in the photo), which ensure that the radiation hitting the wall is not reflected back (echo) making it hard to interpret the results. This configuration makes the test chamber  anechoic,  that is “without echo”.  A series of tests were performed irradiating the experiment with radiofrequencies ranging from 30 Hz to 10 GHz and checking that the various subsystems operate smoothly, without being affected by the intense electromagnetic radiation field. Then the spectrometer was set in various operating conditions and the radiated electromagnetic field was measured, to verify that was below the stringent limits set by NASA.

The EMC tests were passed successfully.